Yoga For Athletes Courses

This is a practical course suitable for anyone who wishes to develop an understanding of using yoga in line with the principles of periodised sports training. You will learn about and experience a range of ways to use yoga and leave with knowledge about the effectiveness and suitability of yoga as a tool and the ability to create your own yoga practice to meet your needs throughout your training cycle.

  • Where yoga and sports science meet: the similarities, the differences, and the myths.
  • The components of fitness and periodised training and how they can be met with yoga practice.
  • Postural analysis and identifying the impact of daily living and movement on sports performance.
  • Anatomy and physiology and where yoga fits with a needs analysis for your sport.
  • Physical practice of yoga postures and identifying the yoga practice your body needs.
  • Overview of yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics, and how they relate to sport.

You do not need to have any previous experience or practice of yoga. The course practice and content will always be matched to the course participants, whatever your age, fitness or sport.

This course can be delivered to you at our Portugal training venue or in an online format. Please contact me for details.

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